Friday, August 8, 2008

Such a Joiner

So, it has been a month since I blogged. I need to start doing it more often. Thought I would give you a run down of all the things I have JOINED in the last month.

First off, Sean talked me into HAT ATTACK. Not really hard seeing that I LOVE to knit hats.

Second, I had been checking out the Dish Rag Tag since she posted about it, and finally joined earlier this week.

Both races should be fun and not that labor intensive.

Started the Lady February Sweater for my Mom. Hoping to have it done for her birthday (September). I have almost half the body done on it, and still have 3 weeks to go. Trying to get a few repeats a day done. I will keep you posted.


H3Dakota said...

You ended up joining the dish rag tag? he he he At least it really won't take a whole bunch of time, right? ;)

Gnat said...

Good luck!!!! You need to blog more!