Thursday, May 22, 2008

Socks, Socks, and more Socks!

Ok. So I have been knitting my fingers off on SOCKS. I have finished 1 of the Swirls and love it.

I was suckered into Sock Wars III, so I have been knitting that stupid thing. I had the yarn and hate the pattern. Can't I just get killed already?!

I have been searching high and low for a sock to work on when I am in the Caymans. I am going to knit Shimmer in Lorna Laces Daffodil colorway. I am very excited but a tad intimidated by the pattern. Was going to try and do 2 at once, but maybe next time.

I have also fallen in love with the Windowpane Socks and plan on doing them in July with the Windowpane Sock-Along on Ravelry. Come join us!

My Mom's birthday is in September, so I am thinking about a pair of socks....lets see if I have time!

And lastly, I am still working on a few smaller projects that keep getting put off because of my sock yarn addiction. I just wish I could knit socks faster!