Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Knit it Forward

So, I finally did it -- I started my own swap. I have been wanting to join one forever, so I started my own. I am really excited about it and hope that it runs smoothly and that everyone is happy.

Updates to the previous blog:
1) I did update all of my needles and got my new ones in the mail!!! YIPPPPPEEEE!!!! I MUST find the digital camera so I can start taking pictures.
2) Had to frog Lindsay's hat...restarted it last night.
3) Have yet been able to go pick out yarn with Natalie for her scarf. Our schedules just are not working.
4) Haven't done any charity hats which makes me sad.

Also. Riss (Bound & Cabled) has a Pay it Forward plan as well. She knits something for 3 people a year. Surprise things. And I am person #3. So, I am going to offer the same here.....the first 3 people to contact me will get something from me in the next year. I love knitting for other people plus I will be more willing to try more complicated things. So, if you want to be on my list, let me know!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Up next?
Organizational Needs:
Well, I need to clean up my yarn stash. I also need to organize my needles. I ordered 6 pairs of Addi Turbos and they should be here next week!!! So...need to get my stuff a bit more organized. Plus my husband is tired of helping me look for needles and/or stash yarn for a project.

Testing out to see if there is an interest to do some type of swap. I am game for just about anything KNITTING related. ;-) Could be just swapping yarn or a knitted item. Hopefully, I will get a decent response for it. As i LOVE to knit for other people and I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting things in the mail!

1) Finish the cable hat for Lindsay.
2) Scarf for Natalie
3) Socks for me
4) Preemie baby hats as I can get them done (should be able to do 2 a week once my new Addi's get here!)
5) Will bring out the dreaded 2x frogged sweater and START IT AGAIN!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Survey Says...CABLES!!

Finished my 1st cable project! A scarf for my friend Lindsay who is coming to visit in a month! I am so pleased with it. Knitting up a cable hat to match since I have enough left over yarn.

Baby Blanket

Basically found a bunch of cute "dishcloth" style blocks and knit it in 4 blocks 4 times. Simple, and super cute.

Picture was taken with my cell phone -- seems I have lost the camera in the move 6 months ago!!
Colors are lime, buttercup, turquoise, purple from Microspun.