Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ok, so finally pictures of my first COMPLETED sock, the Mock Croc. I am halfway done with the 2nd and have promised Natalie that I will cast on a new pair on I have some mad knitting to do!

And then my stash for the shopping spree at Yarn Gallery. I think I have enough yarn to cover 98% of the projects in my Ravelry Queue!

And lastly, I am so thankful to my Wednesday night group -- they make my week! I love meeting new people and making new friends!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another contest & such

Check out:

for another contest. Looks fun. I like these contests....addicting.

My first sock IS DONE!!! YIPPEEE!!! I have cast on for the 2nd this morning. The Addi's I ordered came yesterday and will be trying magic loop on the NEXT pair of socks. Thinking about casting on for a sweater this week as well. Or I could knit more cat toys. The handful I made for my little monsters are completely slobber infested and the yarn is disgusting. Not sure why they want to lick the toys to death. Oh well.

Tonight is knit club and that makes me very happy. I look forward to it all week. I so enjoy every one's I sound like an old lady now. But anyway.

Got pictures of the wedding celebration from Lindsay the other day with captions....I love her so much. I am so glad that she came for the day. I still can't believe that she came down just for a day to be with me. Her friendship is amazing.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Thanks Nat!

Check out this site for a really cool contest:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Socks and Kool Aid

Ok, so my first pair of socks is going super slow.

On the upside, I FINALLY dyed with Kool Aid!! I used a blue and a green and it turned out pretty decent. Took forever to dry though.

I think I have an idea for this yarn.....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

101 in 1,001

Got this idea from Kristen. Such a great plan. I don't have the full 101, so I will add as I think of more stuff.

START: Friday, January 11, 2008 ENDS: Friday, October 9, 2010


1. Knit 3 sweaters (0/3)
2. Knit 6 pairs of socks (0/6)
3. Learn entrelac
4. Learn fair isle – take a class
5. Crochet 4 items (0/4)
6. Knit at least 15 things from my Ravelry queue (0/15)
7. Attend knit club at least 3x a month (0/96)
8. Organize all yarn and needles
9. Buy yarn from alpaca farm trip


10. Go camping 3x (0/3)
11. Hot-air balloon ride
12. Take romantic horse drawn carriage ride
13. Take honeymoon
14. Take a cruise
15. Visit Lindsay
16. Visit 5 new states (0/5) overall (13/50)
17. Get passport
18. Visit alpaca farm
19. Take 4 day trips (0/4)
20. Visit 5 state parks (0/5)


21. Get diabetes under control so I don’t have to take insulin
22. Eat more vegetables daily
23. Cut down diet soda intake to no more than 32 ounces a day
24. Take my daily vitamins
25. Do 2 half marathons (0/2)
26. Do 2 marathons (0/2)
27. Do 2 century rides (0/2)
28. Lose 25#s (0/25)
29. Then another 25#s (0/25)
30. And 25#s more (0/25)
31. Maintain this new weight
32. Try new recipes at least 2x a month (0/64)

Beauty/Pampering/Girlie Stuff

33. Get wedding tattoo
34. Find and purchase the perfect pair of jeans
35. Find and purchase proper fitting “foundation” garments
36. Get a least 2 massages a year (0/4)
37. Get a professional facial
38. Stop biting nails

Personal Development


39. Perform 1 act of random kindness each month (0/32)
40. Make list of “1,001 things to do before I die”
41. Complete list of 100 things that make me happy (take pictures of items?) (0/100)
42. Find religion that fits by beliefs
43. Go to Buddhist chanting
44. Start practicing meditation
45. Be more confident
46. Stop negative thinking
47. Figure out what I want to do with my life (career)
48. Find my passion
49. Figure out the school thing and do it or not depending on decision


50. Read “War and Peace”
51. Read 5 books on Spirituality/Religion (0/5)
52. Read 12 Pulitzer Prize winners in fiction (0/12)
53. Read 12 books from the Most Commonly Challenged Books list (0/12)
54. Read 12 books from the National Book Awards list – any category (0/12)
55. Read 101 books, including the above books (0/101)


56. Learn ASL
57. Take a language class (preferably German or Russian)
58. Send a postcard to PostSecret
59. Start using reusable grocery bags
60. Finish uploading all of my cds to the iPod


61. Adopt a dog
62. Sunday breakfasts at least 3x a month (0/96)
63. Have a PJ Sunday with Mike at least 1 time every 6 months (0/5)
64. Start new traditions with Mike
65. Date nights at least 2x a month (0/64)
66. Make cupcakes for Mike 1x a month (0/32)
67. Make the baby decision


68. Buy property
69. Pay off student loan
70. Pay of Acura
71. Pay off credit card
72. Save $3k
73. Do not go into debt for house projects
74. Do not go into debt for travel/vacations
75. Donate $5 to charity for each thing on the list that I don’t complete
76. Increase contribution to 401K yearly (0/2)
77. Give to at least 2 charities yearly (0/4)
78. Quit part time job
79. Mike quit part time job


80. Replace kitchen floors
81. Replace kitchen cabinets/countertops
82. Sand and re-finish the hardwood floors
83. Design and set up back yard patio area
84. Create front walk way
85. Cut down nasty pine trees in the backyard
86. Insulate the attic
87. De-clutter house – get rid of stuff we are not using!
88. Finish paint touch ups (mainly the ceiling)
89. Buy new TV
90. Organize my cookbooks and recipes
91. Organize all the wedding pictures – put into an album
92. Keep the car clean inside and out
93. Buy flowers for the house at least 1 time a month (0/32)

I am going to post this on the side and keep it updated.