Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hey,'s a Monkey!

Ok, so the 1st Monkey is done. The bind off was a bit too tight which makes getting it on and off very interesting. Will start the other sock myself a day off from the crazy monkeys.


Original SINsuality said...

Yay! im so excited, how was the magic loop method for these socks? you have got to let me know about the next pair, magic loop pleez, we will knit them together, maybe get a knit group going, it'll be like that Practial Magic movie, but with knitting needles instead of broomsticks. :)~

Kate said...

Nice sock! I'm sure I'll eventually end up with a pair, myself... I just cast on Pomatomus, and am trying to keep it to one-thing-at-a-time, at least by category (one baby sweater, one sock, one blanket... oh, and one bag... gah).

Have you tried a Russian bind-off or sewn bind-off? Both have worked well for me, and before that I had some really lovely useless socks.

Original SINsuality said...

im not knitting anything right now, im crocheting a monkey arigurumi doll for my nephew. i haven't found any good knit patterns, other than the hemlock blanket. :(~