Monday, October 1, 2007

Projects, Projects, and More Projects

Well, I found the digital camera so I am posting pictures of the hat and scarf (both cables) for Lindsay! (Me wearing both and the view of what it looks like in the box) Very happy with how both turned out.

Still have a few projects for others on the list before I start anything for myself. Luke loved his 3 hats and wants 2 more, so I will be knitting those up soon!
I have started the scarf for Natalie. And Rebecca wants 2 scarves for her move to a colder place (which will not get done before she leaves in 2 weeks -- I will have to mail them to her).
I am thinking that about what I want to knit for my secret swap....and I think I am going to attempt a felt project. Also, waiting to get the yarn swap assignment...I just love any reason to buy yarn!


urbanknitrix said...

I love the set and the color. Is it the Irish Hiking scarf pattern?

Original SINsuality said...

That is the most awesome color i've seen in a while! They look great!

SueKnits4Fun said...

Very nice!! That's a yummy color! You do beautiful cables, the set is a perfect gift!